Antoine Walker Heads To Miami

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“Looks like I’m heading out to Miami”

NBA Captions: Jerry Buss

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“Dr. Buss! How do you respond to Kobe’s allegation’s that you’re not trying to improve the Lakers?

“Ko- Who? Sorry I’m busy right now”

The Zeke Files: Steve Francis Conference

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“First off, I’d like to thank all of you for coming on short notice”

“I’d like to bury these heinous rumors! Let me say there’s a time and a place for everything… And it’s called Reuben Patterson’s house”

“So as you can see, this woman is simply after Zeke’s mone-”

“Mr. Thomas, DNA evidence has been found as of 10 am this morning. How do you respond?”

“Get Francis in here.. He’s gonna need to take the fall on this one”

“Sir, you fired Francis”

“I did what?!”

“Mr. Thomas you haven’t responded to my question”

“Here’s my response… Son have you won two championships?

“No I haven’t……”

“Well Zeke has”

“But what does that have to do with anythin-”

“This conference is over”

Lebron James Cares

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‘Wow! That was a nice dunk homie, ya got me! Hold on a sec,  I gotta make a quick phone call”

Media Summit
“It was really nice of you to hold this camp Mr. James. We were wondering if we could have a tape, a little memorabilia for the kids you know?”

“Oh, of course.  I’ll get right on it sir”

“Hey, it’s Lebron! Are there any recordings or tapes of today? Really, that’s great!! Erase them”

Media Summit

Mike Brown: Man of A Thousand Plays

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Cavaliers Magic Basketball
“Okay Zydrunas, here’s the gameplan, go stand over there under the hoop.. You know hoop?”

“Think so… I try get hookshot?”

“What?! Hell no, pass that shit to Lebron”

“Coach! We’re down but I think we can still win! I’d like to take the last shot, can you set up a play?”

“Sasha, I’m gonna level with you… I’m not really an X’s and O’s kind of guy. Just pass that shit to Lebron”

“I don’t give a damn if you scored West, what do you think you’re doing upstaging me in front of the other players? I set a play!”

“What play? You just said to pass it to Lebron”

“I’m sorry am I talking to the coach of the year?! That’s what I thought. Now get your ass on the bench West!”

“Shit’s easy…”

Rafer Alston: What Did the Five Fingers Say to the Face?

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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Joel Przybilla Edition

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“When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong”

“I got this guys. Yao? Pssh! Ain’t no thang. I keep it real”


“Hey Ming, you ain’t gonna meditate outta the first round son”




“Hey you know I was just playing right”

“No hard feeli-”

Heat Trail Blazers Basketball
“This doesn’t look good.  Get the bust out there”


Joey Crawford – League of Clutch

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Chris Paul’s Pre-Game Warmup

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Zeke Powers

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