I Knew You’d Come.com Launches: Hardys and Indie Wrestling News Hub!

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I Knew You'd Come.com Website Launch Logo (Logo Credit: www.IKnewYoudCome.com)

Hey NBA fans who caught WWE’s Wrestlemania 33 on Sunday night! Check out our latest project IKnewYoudCome.com, a new wrestling news hub with an emphasis on the Hardys and indie wrestling. Of course with a name like ‘I Knew You’d Come’, you just know you’re gonna read about the latest about the Hardys (who returned to the WWE as the Hardy Boyz during Wrestlemania yesterday!). You’ll find indie wrestling news, previews, opinions, full cards and much more. Whether it’s the Hardys, WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Pacific Coast Wrestling, you’ll find it over at IKnewYoudCome.com

Our goal is to be the leading indie wrestling news site online and cover all rising talents as they eventually ascend to the WWE and beyond. We also want to give long time wrestling fans an opportunity to read about what some of their favorites are currently doing. Perhaps you haven’t heard about a one time weekly favorite in a while after they left Monday Night Raw. From now on all the info will be easily accessible in a format that’s both detailed to the dot and comfortable to read.

We want to cater to the voices that get lost in the shuffle, the shows you’ve heard about but can’t find news on. Everyday the pro wrestling/sports entertainment world is ever expanding, now you can keep up with it in a site that makes the indie niche its primary focus.

About Us:
Live Game Deals LLC owns and operates IKnewYoudCome.com. We also own the current site you’re on, myBSPN.com which will soon see a fresh reboot, BroScience.org (a male humor site) which will also see a brand new reboot, and the soon to be a daily gamer favorite LiveGameDeals.com. All the websites will be working under one umbrella, one network covering the best in wrestling news, gaming deals, sports and comedy!

Join us in this new journey as we develop a fresh batch of entertainment websites for a modern generation. The future is bright, my friends, thanks to you! Take a look at I Knew You’d Come.com today and catch up on your favorite past time again, a hobby rediscovered, a passion renewed.

Breaking News: Lebron James Wants Dwyane Wade Traded For Chris Paul

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Trouble is reportedly brewing in Miami as new superstar Lebron James has privately requested that fellow teammate Dwyane Wade be traded for Hornets star, Chris Paul.

Lebron’s friend and agent, Maverick Carter, is already rumored to be selling another one hour special to ESPN entitled, The Decision: Part II.

The self proclaimed ‘King’ James will put Wade on the hotseat, and decide if he truly wants him on the team or wish him best on his future endeavors in New Orleans.

Gilbert Arenas Blames Halo

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Gilbert Arenas has given a statement to the media today stating it’s not his fault.

Gil says he was emotionally invested by the videogame known as ‘Halo’ and was caught up in a world not his own.

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I wasn’t in control. I thought I was Master Chief but probably I was just an idiot.”

Gilbert is believed to be one of 14 players who still refuse to disconnect from Halo 2’s online service going by the handle ‘xxGILBOWIZJAILxx’

Ed Stefanski Knows What Rhymes With Win… And It’s Not The Sixers

January 4, 2010   ·   1 Comment   ·   By

Ed Stefanski is reportedly unhappy with how the Sixers are playing. “The coaching staff, the players, we’re all not happy, I’ve got to do my job!”

Eddie Jordan however, is happy with the teams 10-23 record, claiming marked improvement over what he originally expected. “When they let go of Andre, I thought oh man, I’m gonna get fired, but here I am!”

Nevertheless, the Sixers have big things to look forward to after such victories over the league best Nets and a Nuggets team missing half their starting lineup. Most likely the lottery.

Submit Your Own Headlines!

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BSPN believes in double checking our sources, which is why we have an open submission system! Anyone can post literally anyone, as long as it involves:

Lebron, LBJ, Lebron James to the Knicks, Lebron James wears Yankee cap, Lebron James spotted with Jay Z (in NYC), Lebron James pisses in nyc bathroom, Lebron marks territory etc.

Go on! Submit!!!


Rubio Will Play For Timberwolves, If Franchise Is Relocated

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Rubio’s agent Dan Fegan has given notice to the Timberwolves that Ricky loves the franchise, and can’t wait to play for them.

However, he feels the Timberwolves would be better off in another city, preferably one with beaches and beautiful women. So not Minnesota.

“We’re not asking for much, Ricky and me simply feel the Timberwolves would be better off somewhere else” Fegan stated.

Rubio has also requested Johnny Flynn remain in Minnesota after the Timberwolves find a new home.

Rasheed Will Retire If Forced To Start

July 14, 2009   ·   2 Comments   ·   By

Rasheed Wallace has threatened to retire if the Celtics choose to place him in the starting lineup.

“I can’t be effective playing this way. I’m not used to it. It’s tough for me both mentally and physically.

Friends close to Wallace say he wants to shoot threes from the bench and no more than 1-2 minutes per game.

Donnie Walsh Rejected, Throws Tantrum

July 12, 2009   ·   1 Comment   ·   By
Donnie Walsh Rejected, Throws Tantrumwidth: 100%; height: 100%;

Donnie Walsh was given the cold shoulder and had his advances rejected earlier this week. Both Jason Kidd as well as Grant Hill gave the greenlight to call, and even personally stored their numbers in Walsh’s cell.

However, neither picked up. After listening to Jason’s voicemail seventeen times in one hour, Walsh knew it was over.

Internal sources say Walsh went into a frenzy, screaming about how “he doesn’t need Kidd or Grant anyway”, writing 2010 all over his office walls, and demanding everyone hold hands and pray for Lebron.

One anonymous source claimed complete madness, citing one employee who was fired for failing to drink vitamin water. Another employee was similarly let go for forgetting a new Knicks policy of not shaking hands in preparation for James.

Nike: ‘Dunk’ Tape Will Be Auctioned For Charity

July 11, 2009   ·   1 Comment   ·   By
Nike: ‘Dunk’ Tape Will Be Auctioned For Charitywidth: 100%; height: 100%;

BSPN has learned the now infamous dunk tape will be auctioned for charity. The winner however, will have to sign off on one agreement.

Nike has attached a ‘no Youtube’ clause meaning the winner can not show the video nor spread it around the internet.

Only one person will enjoy the schadenfreude of the shameful dunk. No one else.

Rumor has it Lakers Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest as well as Heat guard Dwayne Wade are among the prospective bidders.

The auction will begin at noon tommorow at

NBA League Office Gets High Grade For Female Employees – Isiah Thomas No Longer An Employee

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NBA League Office Gets High Grade For Female Employees – Isiah Thomas No Longer An Employeewidth: 100%; height: 100%;

The New York Times reports the NBA as a leading employer for women for 2009.

Coincidentally, FIU is no longer a leading employer for women. Isiah Thomas could not be reached to comment.