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Dirk Lets His Game Speak

Dirk Nowitzki lets his game speak in an a new commerical

Where Amazing Happens

Tim Donaghy makes a bet with other NBA referees that Dirk Nowitzki will miss his upcoming free throws. Rasheed Wallace realizes something is up, but complies after being offered twenty dollars. Both teams played hard.

Don't Wake Ilguauskas Boardgame NBA Parody
OneAnswer’s Holiday Wishlist

OneAnswer's Holiday Wishlist, featuring NBA parodies of popular boardgames including Risk, Clue, Operation, Candy Land and more!

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 13

Mark Cuban brings his case against Don Nelson to the courts! Judge Antoine Walker decides if Cuban's case has any legal basis.

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 5

Don Nelson former coach of the Dallas Mavericks reveals who Dirk's real father is! Is it Officer Barbrady, David Hasselhoff or the 1991 Denver Broncos?

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 4

Dirk Nowitzki turns to Dr. Tim Duncan to cure his mental ailments. Duncan discovers the root too all of Dirk's choking in the NBA playoffs and hilarity ensues.