It’s that time of the year again. You’re working over time, boss on your back and kids whining back home. And the girlfriend/wife/mistress has demands of her own! It never ends.. But before you give up on watching the NBA this holiday season, have no fear! You’re going to be able to see the Rockets play the Cavaliers for the 4,897th time on ESPN after all!!!

That’s right no worries! For the first time ever, 2007’s best presents will be showcased. I’ve done the searching, so you don’t have to. These boardgames are the cream of the crop, and they’re fun for the whole family! Remember, the NBA Cares… And so does OneAnswer.

Everybody loves Kandy Land! The game of busts is finally here. They say the journey to underachievement starts in childhood.. You don’t want to stunt your kid’s growth do you? Don’t delay! Your child will learn vital lessons including: scoring on a contract year, signing a contract 10 million dollars short, firing your agent and much, much more! Winner is the first one to inevitably gain 400 pounds and be unable to ‘jump’ for rebounds.

*No skill or previous experience necessary!

Zydrunas Ilgauskas hasen’t slept in over twelve years… Will the man ever get any sleep? Will the black shadows under his eyes finally disappear? You decide! That’s right Zydrunas is giving you the opportunity to decide his fate! Will you allow him to get some rest? Or will you fall asleep yourself watching the Cavs? Only one way to find out!

*Dr. Gooden Warning: Mysterious Hairpatch might result from use of this product

Grant needs to make the playoffs!! But can you fix him in time? Fun for boys and girls. It’s the newly updated 2007 edition of Operation! Will you rush away to give the Pistons that last ounce of playoff revenue?! Or will you conceal important documents and send him off to the Magic? No matter what you choose… Don’t forget to draft Darko!

*Grant Hill included… Some Assembly Required.

You’ve been given free reign of the Knicks. Next stop the world… It’s the game of Risk! With your right hand man Lieutenant Marbury at the helm, you’re capable of everything and anything. It is your duty to laugh in the face of sexual harassment, sign Jerome James and generally waste as much money as possible. Everything you touch must reach foreclosure in order to win. The CBA, the Knicks, David Lee…

*All white board pieces removed

There’s been a murder! The victim: a bike, was found laying dissembled in the exercise room by the Spurs old playbook and Shawn Bradley. Only the playbook could be reached for comment. The exercise bike had previously been seen in a dispute over the MVP trophy with Mr. Nowitzki, who was said to have appeared furious to onlookers. After a slight scuffle (ending with the bike winning), Mr. Nowitzki ran off and no charges were filed. But what truly took place that night? Who dissembled the exercise bike? Find out in the new game of Clue!

*1st round loss not included

That’s it for now! Stay tuned later this week, for my thorough overview of Monopoly. Till next time, I’m OneAnswer!