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Antoine Walker Heads To Miami

“Looks like I’m heading out to Miami”

Rumor: Celtics Love Rondo!

Rumors are flying Danny Ainge is planning on a special welcome ceremony for Rajon Rondo this year! Mainly a one way ticket to Phoneix. Yes it’s vacation time in Celtics land and ...

Walker and Friends: Episode 2

Walker and Friends: Teaser

Antoine Walker prepares to star in his own hit sitcom! A small teaser from the upcoming show

Don't Wake Ilguauskas Boardgame NBA Parody
OneAnswer’s Holiday Wishlist

OneAnswer's Holiday Wishlist, featuring NBA parodies of popular boardgames including Risk, Clue, Operation, Candy Land and more!

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 13

Mark Cuban brings his case against Don Nelson to the courts! Judge Antoine Walker decides if Cuban's case has any legal basis.

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 12

The finale to the contest between Erick Dampier and Shaquille O'Neal. Part three of my Seinfeld parody.

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 11

Sam Cassel gets a special revenge on referee Joey Crawford, while Antoine Walker gives in to three point urges. Part two of my Seinfeld parody. The contest continues.

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 10

Shaq, Antoine Walker, Sam Cassell, Erick Dampier and Eddie Griffin engage in a special contest. A classic Seinfeld parody.

Antoine Walker and Friends: Episode 9

The origins of Antoine Walker are revealed by Coach Jim O'Brien. Unfortunately three point shots are involved, and Jim's dream dissolves.

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