1) Back in Black

The First NY/KS Album recorded without former singer Jeremy Lin and dedicated to him. Dive right into classic Hits like “Shoot to Thrill” featuring new singer Carmelo Anthony with guest vocals from JR Smith. This hard hitting album officially brought the group back to it’s darker origins and got rid of any pesky foreign influence! Rumor has it the song “What Would You Do For Pocket Money, Honey” was co-written by James Dolan himself!

Looks like another season of “Hell’s Bells” for the group as they’ll only be touring at the 33-49 Festival. So go “Have a “Drink on Me”, because “Field Goal Percentage Isn’t Just Noise Pollution”!


*Felton’s Back in Black (Single Lyrics):

Back in Black. Knicks on My Sack. It’s been too long, eating another snack.

Yes I’m a let loose, go on the court lay another deuce.

They’ve kept me hanging about, I keep lookin’ at the sky

Because they got rid of that Asian Guy

Forget the herse, cause I’ll never die

I got nine lives

French Fries

Eating every one of them and walking wild


‘Cause I’m Baaaack

Yes, I’m Blaaaack

Well, I’m Baaaack

Yes, I’m Blaaaack

Wellllllll, Knicks are Baaacck in Blaaacckkkk


2) Evil Empire

The LP that started a phenomenon! After years of conflict, hall of fame bound rocker Steve Nash would join up with his arch rival in LA to put together a band of Misfits even Twisted Sister is scared of! Evil Empire has all the components of a true supergroup: real, gritty, and without soul. Sure, Nash was almost swayed to join his country men up North and start a flopping revolution the old fashioned way, but he wanted his message sent clear. Through the art of giving Kobe the ball. Every time down. Forever.


*Kobe’s Help on Parade (Single Lyrics):
Come with it Now
Come with it Pau

The Mamba Implodes, Coming at a Crossroads

Ya either drop the shots like de la Ghetto or blame Pau for not putting on his stilettos

With Nash we got a sure shot, he’s sure to make his body flop

Drop and don’t copy yo, just don’t call this the Kobe Show


Rally Around Mike Brown

With a pocket full of plays

Kobe’s Helpppp on Paradeeeee

Kobe’s Helpppp on Paradeeeee

3) No Strings Attached

Admittedly, this remastered edition is built by a bunch of 1 year fillers and Dirk Timberitzki, but there’s no telling how many gigs ESPN will air! 1, maybe 2? This is a band that hit its prime with one star and the elderly. Now it will have to regroup with the hope that maybe, just maybe, another star will want to come to the house that frosted hair and broken dreams built.


*Bye Bye Bye Deron (Single Lyrics):

Don’t Wanna Be A Fool For Dirk

For me it ain’t nothing but Work

I’m not signing, baby it ain’t no lie

Baby Bye Bye Bye Bye

Don’t really wanna make it tough

Eastern conference is good enough

It might sound lazy, but it ain’t no lie

Baby Bye Bye Bye Bye

4) Ready to Lose

This rap album comes out swinging with the message that the Notorious 23 is ready for everything and anything! But mostly the lottery. Feel the heat as the Notorious 23 tells a riveting tale of gambling, deceit, and Adam Morrison. Hey, sometimes you win and sometimes you draft Kwame Brown. It is what it is.

*Big Scrub (Single Lyrics):

To all the lottery picks in the place with style and grace

Throw your hands in disgust, if you’re a true bust

I love it when they call me big scrub

How ya Livin MJ?

In Mansion with Benz, givin’ spots to my friends and it feels stupendous

5) Nevermind

An unexpected classic, singer Dwight led this band into the heights of the Orlando grunge scene with unexpected dirty (some might say sloppy) contributions from Hedo Turkoselvic. Now that he’s starting to be known, he wants to be apart of another label but doesn’t know which one he really wants. Or if he wants one at all. In fact, he’d like to forget the whole thing and stay in his current label. So he’s opting in. But wait, maybe yes he will sign with another label? But not extend. Or extend but not sign? Does that work? I don’t even know anymore. Or do I?

*Dwight Howard Breed(Single Lyrics):

I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care

I don’t care if it’s old

I don’t mind, I don’t mind, I don’t mind

Mind, don’t have a mind


Even if you want, even if you need

I don’t mean to sign, we don’t have to trade

We could plant a rumor, we could build a deal

I don’t even care, we could have none of the three

He said, He said

He said, He said

He said, He said

He said, He said

He Said

Written by Nir Regev