There they were. Stallions riding into the sunset that is the NBA finals. Moments away from receiving the privilege of being eliminated by the Miami Heats. The American dream. Shattered, taken away floating into a wind of failure with only the musky silhouette of Kenbrick Perkins rising up to show for it.


No. Why amnesty today when you can trade a top 6 franchise player tomorrow? My friends these are the times that define the haves and the havenots. The Apples from the Lenovos. The Kardashian to your washed up obese hog of a highschool sweetheart. And when the dust settled the magnificent beard was gone and only Kevin Martin lay on your doorstep. Imagine thousands of years ago, opening your door expecting the baby Jesus and finding Kevin Martin as you uncovered your newly born. And a Jeremy Lamb freebie. The horror, my friends. The unspeakable horror!

You wish for Dynasty? But draw mere laughs. You wish to let the beard reign wild and free. And contendership was possible because of the big three. But now the dust has settled and days gone by when OKC could get that championship pie. They wanted Ibaka, they wanted Perks, no luxury taxes and the whole works.

Forever gone the days of old, forever trading top 6 players for fools gold. But he can score off the bench just like Harden they said! As fans looked on with dread. The day will come when the San Antonio crew makes a run. And the only trade worse than the Harden trade will be: none.