BSPN has learned the now infamous dunk tape will be auctioned for charity. The winner however, will have to sign off on one agreement.

Nike has attached a ‘no Youtube’ clause meaning the winner can not show the video nor spread it around the internet.

Only one person will enjoy the schadenfreude of the shameful dunk. No one else.

Rumor has it Lakers Kobe Bryant and Ron Artest as well as Heat guard Dwayne Wade are among the prospective bidders.

The auction will begin at noon tommorow at

Readers Comments (2)

  1. mambaman

    Lebron the wusss!!

  2. Obiekwe

    Mimsy your exactly right he does, reemebmr Jordan Crawford dunking on Lebron during the summer in his own camp and the cover up that followed, he continually shows that the only player he has real respect for is himself. I reemebmr seeing Skip Bayless talk about how Lebron only wanted to change his number to honor Michael Jordan but in reality it’s because he wants to create hype over where he’ll end up this summer and the prospect of the merchandising that would follow with him wearing a new number on his jersey.I like you enjoy watching him play (sometimes) but his whole attitude and ego really bother me. And if he wants to be considered one of the best to ever play the game why not play in the dunk contest and win it, because I’m pretty sure 2 of the best players ever to play the game (Kobe and Jordan) won it as well. He is NOT too big of a player to compete in the dunk contest, and I can see him really thinking that.On another note Nobody will ever outdo what Vince Carter did the year he won the dunk contest so every year I watch but I never expect it to be as great as that year was.

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