Lebron James Is Doing Great!

June 1, 2009   ·   No Comments   ·   By

Cavaliers Magic Basketball

Lebron James responded to Saturday’s loss with the class and grace of a true English gentlemen.  Naturally this meant ignoring passe  rituals like handshakes and bouncing back to his moms. People need to understand, vitamin water and press conferences just don’t mix!  James is simply a progressive man in a modern age.

Pau Gasol Is Doing Great!

May 16, 2009   ·   1 Comment   ·   By

Move over Chauncey Billups! There’s a new candidate for the sportsmanship award this year!

“Come on guys, don’t look at me like that! I just fell down some stairs!”

“Oh, he just gets pumped up during the game, you know. When its just us he’s totally different. Are the cameras still rolling?”

Darius Miles Is Doing Great!

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Darius Miles was busted this week for ignoring details like turn signals.

Miles, was confused on who placed the weed in his passenger compartment, and why it was there instead of a non-suspended license. Authorities were just as perplexed as Miles, and 100 dollars later, he was a free man! Miles still counts against the Portland Trailblazers cap, and has declared Greg Oden a bust.

Pictured Below: The Miles Mobile