Philadelphia 76ers 2009!!

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“Congratulations guys! That makes two wins in a row tonight! Things are going good……. ”


“Maybe too good!! We need to change things up! Elton you’re gonna come off the bench for Lou and Lou you’re replacing Sammy in the starting lineup!”

NBA Captions: Rasheed and Pierce

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“Then Doc was like why u gotta shoot so many threes son, and told me to go to the post. So I shot 19 threes in a row”

“Damn n*gga you cold as ice, like my knees”

Dantoni and Nate Robinson

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“Come on coach, let me in!!”

“Robinson if we weren’t on live television right now, I’d drop your ass”

“Coachhhh, I be better than Duhon come on now”

“The only thing you’re better at is not meeting the 5 foot barrier, now sit down”

“Crap, Duhon just sprained his ankle. Alright fine here’s your chance, don’t mess up”

“I promise coach!!!”

*2 seconds later*

“Nate what the hell are you doing that’s the wrong basket”


NBA Captions: Rondo Reads

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“Hey, you tryin to upstage me?! Only reason you read faster is cause u always holdin the motherf*ckin’ book. Now stop crying before Rondo comes over there and slaps the taste out of your punkass mouth”

NBA Captions: Knicks Conference

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“Look it’s not about the playoffs or wins! Or even draft picks! We’re trying to build something special here. When I saw Nate shooting at our basket, I thought, wow what an innovater, how come Steve never thought about doing that? Is Donnie still here? Oh I see he is. I love Nate Robinson”

NBA Captions: Don’t Look At Lebron

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“Coach I don’t understand, this is a scribble”

“Oh Uh… I was bored during halftime, just do the usual. Give it to Lebron. Williams! Damn it, don’t look right at him keep your head down!”

“Yes Coach”

“Wally looked at him once. I haven’t seen him since..”

NBA Captions: Tell Your Mom to Trade For Garnett

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“I’m sorry son I never learned to read. Tell your mom to trade for Garnett”

Anthony Randolph Off The Bench

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Spurs Warriors Basketball

Don Nelson

Anthony Randolph

Don Nelson
“Who the fu*k let Randolph off the bench?!”

“You did Nellie”

NBA Captions: Monta Ellis Prepares

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*Ellis prepares for grueling season

NBA Captions: Monte Ellis on Stephen Curry

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“Stephen Curry is alot better than I thought! Yo he can pass, shoot, son can ball. I just don’t think he should play basketball”