Cavaliers Magic Basketball
“Okay Zydrunas, here’s the gameplan, go stand over there under the hoop.. You know hoop?”

“Think so… I try get hookshot?”

“What?! Hell no, pass that shit to Lebron”

“Coach! We’re down but I think we can still win! I’d like to take the last shot, can you set up a play?”

“Sasha, I’m gonna level with you… I’m not really an X’s and O’s kind of guy. Just pass that shit to Lebron”

“I don’t give a damn if you scored West, what do you think you’re doing upstaging me in front of the other players? I set a play!”

“What play? You just said to pass it to Lebron”

“I’m sorry am I talking to the coach of the year?! That’s what I thought. Now get your ass on the bench West!”

“Shit’s easy…”